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  1. The finished board all put back together. Took it out for a spin today and floats like a champ. It added a little bit of weight to it but still floats. 

  2. Finished fiber glassing and hot coating the broken board. I used some Q-Cell mixed in to fill in the chunk missing from the rail and sanded it back to the shape I needed. There were some rough patches around the edges that I could have filled in a little better but It turned out pretty good. I sanded this on Sunday and I’ll have some of the finished photos up soon enough.

  3. Here are the photos from gluing the board together. I mixed plenty of Resin and Q-Cell and wrapped a garbage around the rack and the bottom of the board to avoid getting drippies all over the place. I used the Bill Barnfield method to making sure the rocker was lined up and in place and got pretty lucky in this case as it fit pretty snug and was a clean break. I held it down for a little with my hand to get any air bubbles out of the middle of the board but overall gravity did its job in holding things together.

  4. My neighbor broke this board a little while ago and I’m finally getting around to fix it up. I cleaned it up around the edges and ripped off the loose fiberglass. There’s a nice gash of foam that got ripped off when it broke so I’ll have to fill that somehow. The plus side is this fits together really nicely without any help and even stays upright without any tape or clamps when pieced together. This will be a fun project and I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress. I’ll be basing most of the repair off of the Swaylock’s thread -